David Lee Hickman 9/8/1952 - 5/10/2006

David's grand life in photos - Family and Friends photos

This page is a memorial to our good friend David Hickman.

David had many good friends - almost everyone that was fortunate enough to come in contact with David became his friend, he was that kind of special person. But David had no time for lazy or mean people, he lived life in the fast lane and liked to see everyone do their best.
My wife Pam and I first met David on return from our honeymoon cruise. We had met David's girlfriend at the time (later wife) and her sister in Cartagena, Columbia. We shared a taxi that day and learned of her boyfriend David back home. We happened to live in the same area and became good friends.
David owned a Cessna and loved to fly. I was a lifelong sailor and David did his best to convert me. We would fly over the gulf racking hours up in the log book. David gave me a King aircraft training course on video and checked on my progress. Having a tough time keeping my head above water with my boats, I finally said, "David, I should stick to what I know best, my boats - I'll fly with you and you sail with me" - it was agreed, that was the deal.
David to me was a witty adventurous safety conscious traveling spirit.

David, it has been three long years since you left. I still can't believe you are not coming back...miss you buddy!