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Just getting the old family photos page going again. I had built one about 10 years ago but have since lost the content. My cousin Rebecca is to blame for this! Really, Thanks Rebecca!

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My Great Grandmother Phelps maiden name was 'Stebbins'. This is an old photo I know little about but I find it very interesting, the expressions, clothes, and direction they are facing.

This is my Grandad Clark farming. Samual Clark could live off of the land. He grew all sorts of leafy vegatables on the old homestead in Darby, FL. He was a good man that would help anyone. He and my Grandmother Bessie Clark lived in Tampa but really enjoyed the country life in Darby where they owned two places, this acre or so of farm land and about 70 acres at the lakes. We loved the lakes as kids. Grandad would take my older cousin Steve and I up for weekend get-a-ways where we would learn about the wilds of Florida. Sandhill Whooping Cranes used to be around by the hundereds in the 50's.

Great grandmother Lena Phelps sitting on the dock at the 'Black Hole' on our old Clark family lakes in Darby, FL. 'Steb' Paul Sedwick (me) on the left and Benji Hall fishing or goofing around as most little kids do. We had three main lakes on the property. The 'Black Hole', 'The Three Sisters' and 'The Bonnety Place'. Many large Large Mouth Bass were caught here in the 50's and 60's. These lakes have dried up in recent years due to the pumping of so much water out of the Florida Aquifer for large cities! In years past even the dryest seasons did not fully dry out these lakes and some rainy seasons the roads were totally flooded where only a farm tractor could get through. Lost my red Roy Rogers wallet here about the time of this photo. Found it with a sein net in my later teens. What a surprise!

My Grandad Sedwick had two sisters, Mattie Mae and Mildred. In this photo My Grandmothers daughter Louise sits in the background.

This nice photo of Mildred and Mattie Mae Sedwick was taken Jan 4, 1925 and noted on the back: Richards two Single Sisters!

A chubby mini me in 1952 at 6 months in my Mothers arms - Jennie Sedwick.

A 1923 photo of my Grandfather and Grandmother Sedwick. I like the dress of the times, they sure seemed to have fun.

August 17, 1937 Great grandmother Sedwick, Mattie Mae Harley, Richard Sedwick, Mildred Redmond taken in Augusta GA.

My Grandmother and her brother Anson Phelps.

1935 Wallace Erwin (Grandmother Sedwick sister Emma's husband), Great grandad Sedwick, Grandad Richard Sedwick 1st

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